Running Tasks with Administrator privileges (Windows)

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Here are some options to run tasks with administrator privileges on Windows:

System symbols (CMD) with administrator permissions

  1. We write the word “cmd” in the Windows Search engine and right click on the result that appears to us (System symbols). 
  2. Select “Run as Administrator”.
  3. We write the credentials of the administrator user (if you know them…)
  4. Once the console is opened, we write “services. MSC” (or the name of the task you want to run) and press ENTER.

Run Service from Task Manager

  1. We access the Task Manager from the start bar, right-clicking and selecting Task Manager or using the combination
    of Ctrl + Shift + ESC keys.
  2. Select File > run new task
  3. We write the name of the task “services. MSC” and mark the check “create this task with administrative privileges”.
  4. We write the administrator credentials.
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